The Mission of Istasazeh

Istasazeh Technical and Engineering Co., as a specialized and active company in the construction industry, has outlined its missions in five areas as follows:

Product area

The main activities of Istasazeh Engineering Technical Company are in the field of ground development and preparation, high-rise construction, mass construction, construction of multi-purpose complexes and settlement construction. Accordingly, the company’s services and products are introduced as follows:

  • Ground development and preparation
  • Construction of various buildings with residential, commercial, office, cultural, recreational, sports and tourism uses
  • Marketing, sales, rental and operation services of real estate
  • Technical and engineering services such as feasibility, design, supervision and project management in the construction industry
  • Establishment of ground and building funds to finance the company’s projects and investments
  • Commercial services in the construction industry

Customer area

Customers of Istasazeh Engineering Technical Co. are divided into the following four groups:

  • All natural and legal persons applying for construction, purchase and operation of building units with residential, commercial, office, cultural, recreational and sports uses
  • All natural and legal persons applying for financing and investment in the construction industry
  • All natural and legal persons applying for technical and engineering services in the construction industry
  • All natural and legal persons applying for commercial and commercial services in the construction industry

Market area (geographical focus)

The scope of activity of Istasazeh Technical Engineering Co. in terms of geographical focus can be divided into two parts, domestic and foreign, as follows:

A) Domestic market:

  • Provinces of Tehran, East Azerbaijan, Khorasan Razavi, Mazandaran, Gilan, Fars, Alborz, Khuzestan, Ardabil and North Khorasan with a focus on metropolises and provincial centers
  • Free and special economic zones such as Kish, Qeshm, Anzali, Aras, Mehran, Jask and Makran due to the special position of the real estate sector in these areas

B) Foreign market:

  • Neighboring countries such as Iraq, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and Oman
  • Countries with special economic relations with Iran such as Belarus, South Africa and Iraq

Stakeholder area

Istasazeh Engineering Technical Co. seeks to gain maximum value for all its stakeholders by making creative and innovative thinking at all organizational levels in the technical, financial and economic fields. In this regard, Istasazeh Co. seeks to increase profitability and value creation in order to obtain maximum satisfaction of its shareholders. This company, along with providing safe, efficient and beautiful buildings, by providing high quality products and fulfilling its obligations, also strives to satisfy its customers.

Istasazeh Co., considering Islamic and Iranian culture and values, seeks to provide worthy and appropriate products to the society, and by efficient production and use of new and green technologies strives in preserving and protecting the resources and environment of the country based on the general policies of the resistive economy.

Main competencies and competitive advantages

  • Having valuable experience and high professional reputation with nearly 15 years of experience in the construction industry
  • Having a major developer position in the construction industry and benefiting from a complete chain of construction and operation management services
  • Having extensive manufacturing experience in different parts of the country and benefiting from international experiences
  • Utilizing the technical knowledge of construction management, especially in the fields of mass construction, settlement construction and high-rise construction
  • Having effective relationships with credit providers in the money and capital markets (banks and financing companies)
  • Applying new methods in marketing and sales in the construction industry
  • Possessing specialized and capable human resources and cultivating qualified managers