Social Responsibility

In order to develop a value-based management approach, Istasazeh Technical and Engineering Co. intends to execute the following activities step by step and continuously:

  • Clarification of values
  • Generalizing them
  • Aligning all daily actions with these ethical principles

Therefore, from now on, the criterion for deciding and acting in the company is to observe the following principles and values:


  • We promote the company’s reputation with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.
  • We respond to our commitment to our customers by identifying, understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • We adhere to our responsibilities in society by accepting and embracing honest speech and behavior, providing accurate, precision and timely information.
  • By respecting human dignity through respect for the individual rights and social status of individuals, we respect colleagues as the most valuable organizational assets and strengthen mutual trust through proper behavior and practice.


With organizational discipline, responsibility, participation in teamwork, attention to quality and productivity, and performing activities as a process, we put rationality at the forefront of our decisions and actions:

  • By providing valuable products, we provide customers with a superior choice.
  • By encouraging discipline, initiative, and collective collaboration, we create opportunities for ourselves and our colleagues to learn and grow.
  • We guarantee the survival of the company and encourage shareholders to develop the company by increasing the value and return of the company’s shares.
  • With effective social participation, we create opportunities, strengthen social relations and promote the Istasazeh Co, brand in society.


  • We manage our business with customers and in the target market, fairly and coherently.
  • We divide the employees’ share of the achievements in proportion to their job, employment and performance.
  • We strive for a fair shareholder share of value added and resources.
  • We are fair in distributing opportunities in society.