construction consulting – What is the best investment opportunity? This is a fundamental question for people who want to invest in construction. Some, with their personal property and budget, want to know the economic justification for constructing their ground license plaque, and some have cash capital to buy ground and intend to engage in construction activities.

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construction consulting

What are the duties of a geotechnical Engineering Consulting company?

A geotechnical engineeringConsulting acts as an expert in the study of soil, rocks, minerals, soil mechanics and the like for various construction projects. For example, diagnostic studies performed when drilling the ground to build a dam or tunnel are all within the geotechnical operations area.

In addition to the above, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, chemical properties of the area, material strength tests for construction projects, physical, chemical and mechanical tests to measure the oil drilling environment, soil mechanics tests for the installation of reservoirs in different industrial situations, are examples of services that Geotechnic Company offers to its customers.

Duties of Geotechnical Construction Consultant
Duties of Geotechnical Construction Consultant

Engineering Consulting Services

Normally, in construction projects, after conducting studies of the project site, the calculations and designs required to prepare the geotechnical conditions for the construction of the desired structures are performed. The main purpose of the calculations related to this section is to present a plan for preparing the substrate so that it can withstand loads and displacements resulting from the construction of the desired structures in static and seismic conditions.

 Execution of Projects
Execution of Projects after Consulting engineering


Engineering Consulting services

Geotechnical design and calculations, studies and consulting are divided into the following subgroups:

  • Ground improvement
  • Earth retention or Stabilization of excavations and trenches
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Hydraulic dams and structures
  • Roads and railways
  • Marine structures and ports
Geotechnical consulting
Geotechnical consulting

Who is a construction consultant and why is its presence in the project in the interest of the employer?

In construction projects, especially on a large scale, the importance of monitoring and controlling the various stages of the project from the beginning to the end is of particular importance. Many people can help the employer in these areas or play a direct role in this. A construction consulting engineer is one of these people. The consultant engineer, despite his simple and clear name, has important responsibilities in projects.

Construction consultant engineers, based on their high technical knowledge and expertise, help the employer and investors to proceed in the project execution process according to the set plans, and in addition, achieve the best results at the end of the project. Construction consultant engineers have different responsibilities in construction projects and also provide different services to the employer.

What services does a construction consultant engineer provide?
What services does a construction consultant engineer provide?

Who is a construction consultant engineer?

You might think that a construction consultant engineer would advise an employer on a civil project, such as a construction project. Although this statement can not be mistaken, it is not very complete and accurate. In general, construction consulting engineers are a kind of scientific and technical leverage by equipping themselves with up-to-date knowledge and expertise and establish close relationships with domestic builders in various fields of construction and operation, have an important role to play in providing successful services with maximum efficiency for the designer and Investors.

A construction consultant engineer with strong expertise and technical knowledge will make every effort to carry out executive and time planning in order to advance the project. Most of those who work under the employer have a good relationship and coordination with the employer in order to provide a result with the highest possible quality.

Who is a construction consultant engineer?
Who is a construction consultant engineer?

What services does a construction consultant engineer provide?

The services provided by the construction consultant to the employer regarding the project will be in different stages:

  • A Technical and economic evaluation of the project
  • Providing economic, technical and executive consulting
  • Providing a physical program
  • Provide a feasibility study
  • Project execution schedule
  • Providing the best and most cost-effective method of demolition, renovation, reconstruction and construction
  • Providing timely construction consulting
  • Monitoring financial issues
  • Providing contract monitoring, technical management, quality management
What services does a construction consultant engineer provide
What services does a construction consultant engineer provide

Parameters for examining investment conditions in the construction of a ground

A) Consulting on justifying property or buying ground:

  • The suitable city and region for buying ground by the budget and conditions of the investor
  • Specialized information regarding the suitability of the dimensions and conditions of the ground
  • Survey of ground uses from the perspective of relevant agencies
  • Reviewing and consulting on the prosperity of ground and apartment sales in the region

B) Consulting and reviewing specialized construction information:

  • Permitted height (number of floors) construction according to ground conditions
  • The amount of infrastructure that can be built throughout the project
  • Number of units that can be built according to the dimensions of the ground and parking lots
  • Initial architectural map according to the dimensions of the ground
  • Available parking according to construction conditions
  • Permitted uses in the area according to ground conditions
  • Feasibility and possibility of building the number of lower floors for parking and other uses
  • Studying the possibility of excavation and its approximate costs
  • Useful (net) infrastructure area of ​​apartment units
  • Possibility and percentage of construction progress in addition to the 60% law allowed by the municipality based on different conditions
  • Estimating the time required for different stages of construction from building permit to delivery

C) Economic justification of construction and investment:

  • Checking the approximate cost of the building permit
  • Checking the approximate cost of construction and execution
  • Checking the income from the sale of apartments according to the current price
  • Justification or non-justification of creating a basement according to the excavation conditions
  • Calculating return on investment
  • Calculating the percentage of profit on investment
  • Dead capital time due to sales boom in the area
  • The economic viability of selling the investor’s property in the current situation or investing in its construction
  • Consulting and justifying the amount and timing of cash capital and checks required by the investor with minimum liquidity during construction time
  • Checking the specialized views of the property from the perspective of real estate consultants in the area at the time of buying and selling the property
Terms of investment in the construction of a plot of ground
Terms of investment in the construction of a plot of ground

Building engineering consulting services

  • Providing various consulting services for all construction matters
  • Visiting your project site by experts
  • If necessary, take photos of your location with the most advanced engineering equipment
  • In-person meeting at the company to consult and present solutions

Consulting services

  • Accurate estimation of buildable area and construction costs
  • Consulting in the field of selecting suitable structures and electrical and mechanical installations
  • Consulting in the field of interior design of residential, office and commercial spaces
  • Consulting in the field of building intelligence and energy consumption optimization
  • Consulting in the field of expansion, reconstruction and reinforcement of buildings
  • Consulting in the design of gardens, villas and green spaces
  • Consulting in the field of preparing architectural plans
  • Consulting in exterior and interior design
  • Building permit consultation
  • Consulting when buying ground and property to evaluate and estimate construction investment
Free building engineering and urban planning services
Free building engineering and urban planning consulting services

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