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Istasazeh Co., by relying on the technical knowledge and records of its managers in engineering and construction projects and with the aim of developing and expanding new technology and modern techniques in the field of management, design, construction and execution of construction projects, has been formed.

The company, with its young, experienced, creative and innovative staff, relying on expertise and honesty in work and taking advantage of the latest scientific and technological achievements, seeks to provide engineering services in a wide range of civil engineering fields.

Scientific and technical knowledge, along with executive, managerial and contractual experience, transforms the technical engineering team of Istasazeh into a reliable group, to delegate all stages of planning, design, execution, as well as strategic management and supervision of civil-geotechnical projects, and has ensured the success of many diverse projects and execution of soil stabilization and improvement.

Istasazeh Co., using software, hardware and related specialized machinery, operates in a specific geotechnical field, including specialized consulting, providing a suitable solution to correct geotechnical problems in construction projects, design and execution of special soil wall stabilization systems and new soil improvement methods.

These activities include all services of geotechnical studies and identification, specialized supervision, instrumentation and behavioral measurement of geotechnical projects, geotechnical seismic improvement of existing structures, design and execution of trench and excavation stabilization systems by nailing, anchorage, top & down construction, Berlin Wall, struts and retaining structure, micropile, new drilling and jet grouting methods, geosynthetic soil walls and, water seepage control and drain.

CEO’s speech

In today’s post-industrial world, successful organizations compete with creativity and innovation as their motto and flexibility in the face of environmental change as part of their business. In this regard, Istasazeh Co. was formed with the aim of forming a group as a specialized contractor for soil stabilization and improvement.

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